Facebook is not updating petition text, links and photos. Sharing issues. New pic, text or link edit not appearing on facebook. My facebook profile photo is displayed near the "recommend" button on the petition or elsewhere. How can I remov

Modified on Thu, 18 May 2023 at 10:34 AM

Please note that Facebook sometimes caches text, links and images (i.e. copies old info to their servers and uses that instead of the updated info), and GoPetition has no control over how often facebook chooses to refresh previously uploaded pics, text and links. So unfortunately GoPetition cannot update photos, text or links on facebook. Facebook has their own refresh policy so you may want to contact them if you don't see updates within a reasonable time. The updates should occur in due course. So patience may be required. 

GoPetition uses a variety of facebook features and plugins. The availability of these services often depends on facebook's servers and support. So you may not be able to access these services at GoPetition if facebook is encountering its own problems. Please feel free to contact facebook or search Twitter to determine if there are any current facebook outages, problems or issues. If you wish to remove a facebook comment or reverse a facebook "like" then you may do so from the relevant GoPetition page (as long as you are logged in to facebook). You will also have some content management features available to you from within your own facebook newsfeed. So by logging in to your facebook account you can manage your news feed. 

Regarding your facebook profile photo. If you "like" or "recommend" a petition, then your photo may be displayed on the petition, BUT this photo is ONLY viewable by you or your friends while logged in to facebook.

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