How can I edit or remove my signature and/or comments? My signature and comment are appearing in Google.

Modified on Thu, 18 May 2023 at 10:31 AM

Logged in members can edit/delete signatures. If you do not yet have an account, but have signed petitions in the past, you can JOIN and once your email is verified you will have access to previous signatures, which you can modify or delete. 

If you do not wish to join and only wish to delete your signatures, there is an automated process you can follow here

Note: The email address you signed the petition/s with must match the email address you use to join GoPetition. We cannot automate the removal of signatures where the email address used for the signature cannot be verified. 

Signers are responsible for the information they provide. GoPetition provides a clear link to the GoPetition Privacy Policy in the signature process. The Privacy Policy indicates that signatures (including signature comments) may be publicly displayed in a signature list and/or signature comment page, and that signatures (and comments) may be indexed by search engines. GoPetition provides a way to prevent the publication of signature names by allowing signers to designate their signatures as "Anonymous". GoPetition also allows signers to hide their comments from view. Signers who fail to read the Privacy Policy or who fail to designate their signatures as "Anonymous", or who fail to hide their comments, do so at their own risk. 

Some signers may encounter problems in editing or removing their signature. If you did not sign with your known email address, or provided a false, incorrect, flawed or expired email address, or you have forgotten the email address you signed with, or you incorrectly entered your email address when you signed with it (e.g. you made a spelling mistake when you entered your email address), or you have not verified your account email address with GoPetition, or your email account has been closed or lost or disabled, you may not be able to edit your own signature or remove it. In this case you should contact the petition author to request the changes you want. If the author does not reply, and you wish GoPetition to make changes, please contact us with details. 

Deleted signatures may still appear in Google results for a period of time. If you experience delays in content removal by Google, please contact them. For information about how to keep "personal information" out of Google's search results, see

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