How do I send my petition to the target? How long do petitions stay active? Who sends the petition to the petitionee (target)? Are petitions archived? What happens to petition signatures? How do I close my petition?

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Each petition author is the campaign manager for their cause. Each petition stays active for as long as each respective author chooses. Each author (i.e. the campaign director and manager) is primarily responsible for presenting petition results to the target (petitionee). GoPetition does not deliver petitions. Each author is responsible for their respective campaigns. Once a campaign is completed, an author can "deliver" their results to the petitionee (petition target). Authors can also archive (close) their petition and leave a result for their supporters to see. Each author must make a strategic decision as to when to close their petition. If a minimum number of signatures is required and achieved, or if a signature goal is met, then the decision to close is straightforward. If no minimum is required, or if no goal has been set, then the relevant author has a wide discretion as to whether to close their petition or not.

How can a petition be delivered to a petition target? Signature lists can be viewed online at GoPetition 24/7. So the signature list URL can be sent to a target (petitionee) at any time because all our signature lists are updated in real time. In short, a signature list URL can be emailed to the target (petitionee) to view updates, or the final result. A signature list URL can be accessed from the "Signatures" link on your petition and looks like this:

So at the end of a campaign the petition author simply needs to send the signature list URL to the target for viewing online. The list can be viewed online even after the petition is closed (archived).

Authors may also wish to send a hard copy (paper copy) of the petition to the target. Some authors also wish to backup their signatures into a PDF or excel file and then email the file to the petition target. If you wish to backup your signature list and get a PDF file (from which you can print a paper copy of your petition's signatures) you will need to get premium services which can be purchased from your GoPetition control panel. Hard copy (paper copy) petitions are often helpful to convey the scale of your support to the petition target. Sometimes it is very effective to post by mail or hand deliver a paper version of your petition's results to the petitionee (target).


How do I contact my supporters? If you have purchased premium services you may download your signature list email file and then use your own email service (gmail, yahoo etc) to contact your supporters (those who signed your petition). If your signature list is large, you may need to find a bulk email service to handle your email needs. 

How do I close or remove my petition? Authors agree that if a petition is closed it will be publicly archived for signers to see the results. A closed version of all petitions will remain live on the site. Archived petitions allow for data access by signers and targets. Authors can also remove a petition. Removed petition will not appear on the site as well as in the result of a search engines. Removed petition cannot be restored. Petitions may be closed or removed from your member toolbox. A closure message may be placed on your closed petition.

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